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Sunday, 16 February 2014

permission hunt results......

Well I was up early doors today with high expectations of maybe securing a land based permission.  Im not one to sit at the computer researching and looking for specific history rich land most of my joy for metal detecting is just being out in the open and fresh air with some quality time to just walk around and have some thinking time. A good find for me is just a bonus.

So with that it was literally just a matter of getting in the car and driving and stopping at any farm I passed.

the first farm was daunting, there is always a feeling of unease in the pit of my stomach, the fear of rejection I guess. Anyway after knocking on the door and waiting a minute no one answered, not a great start but farmers are busy people.

The second and third farms I dropped in on were straight no's and the muttering of people going on their land without permission before.  Permission searching really opens your eyes to how huge a problem night hawking really is, it seems nearly every farmer has a story too tell. I do take pity on them, I know I wouldn't be happy to wake up one morning to find someone has left holes in my back garden,  but its by far a bigger deal for them as its their livelihoods that are affected.

Back on track I went to the fourth farm. The farmer was an old gent in typical farmer wear. Ididnt hold much hope. However he took interest in what I said, he even went as far as saying he wants to have a look at the PAS system. Unfortunately it was still a no as all his fields were seeded however he said to pop back at harvest season and he might have a small area for me to cover. I thanked him and got back on the road. Will it turn into a permission or was he just humouring me ? I dont know but there is hope now.

The last too farmers were pleasant but they both gave definitive no answers which is fair enough its their land.

So for now it looks like it back to the murky foreshore but maybe im the summer things will be different

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