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Friday, 14 February 2014

PAS, treasure and code of conduct.

It has just occurred to me that here could be a good place to give our the much needed information to all new detectorists, readers considering it and also for some of the more veteran detectorists to refresh themselves with the rules and codes.

I know when I first started and until I joined an Internet metal detecting forum I had never heard of PAS, the code of conduct and the treasure act 1996. There seems to be a worryinglack of iinformation for new detectorists unless they go searching for it, but if you dont know about it then its hard to search for.

So here are three sites you need to take a look at before you start your adventures.

PAS database and info

treasure act 1996

detectorists code of conduct

please take time to read and absorb all the information that is there. These are essentials and without them you cannot start being an ethical detectorist

happy hunting


  1. Hi Andy... and that is the crux of the matter. The NCMD (or the FID when it was in place) do not "mandate" the reporting of all finds. Apparently, the landowners might not want the finds recorded. If that is the case, as responsible and ethical detectorists, surely we should then refuse to detect there....but some don't and as a result some finds go un-recorded... This is one of the points that the erosion counter (be it right or wrong) was trying to make. If detectorists want to be responsible and ethical... PAS reporting should be a mandatory part of any code.

  2. Hi Steve
    Your right reporting of finds should be made mandatory maybe as I have mentioned in another of my blog posts parts of the treasure trove Scotland could be implemented into our current Treasure act to solve this prolem. However as it stands this is not required so it is down to each of us to do as we see fit.

    maybe one way of getting our voices heard could be too start a petition for changes to current legislation. But without 100,000 signatures it wont make it to debate. Could b worth a shot though if you fancy helping to start one up ?


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