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Sunday, 16 February 2014

night hawks do not exist, apparently

Paul has done me the honour of giving me another five minutes of fame on his blog, see here. This time it refers to my blog post today of permission refusals.

I will be honest I do know know what the man is talking about. I dont know if he Is accusing me of being a liar or if he Is saying that the oxford study is false.

He appears to think night hawking is not as big a problem as it is in the metal detecting andffarming community.  I find this a strange conclusion to come to given I don't believe he has any first hand experience of knocking on doors for permission.

He has however read a study by some Oxford academics. Well case closed then I must have imagined being refused by just under half the local East Yorkshire farms I have visited in person. I must also have made up their reasons being due to night hawk activity.


  1. Probably an easy way to say no with an excuse that makes it unlikely that you will knock on that door again. If they simply give a negative answer there is always a chance that you will knock on the door in a few months time to see if they have changed their mind.
    There is always the chance that the holes in a crop may well be badgers digging for worms and believe me they can do a lot of damage.

  2. Thanks for the reply George. I have heard animals can do quite a bit of damage. I remember one member of a metal detecting forum mentioning he got in bother with the land owner for leaving holes unfilled. Turns out it was animals flipping the clods back out scavenging for food

  3. Hi Andy

    Didn't realise you have done a nighthawking survey so says Nigel and 50% have been nighthawked... well that is 50% of 40 farms over the years ;o)



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