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Saturday, 22 February 2014

nice finds but you have destroyed that site.....

I was just checking news on metal detecting looking for some inspiration for a new blog post when I stumbled upon this article from Kent,  England.

The first thing I noticed was the beauty of the finds, I have never dug a find that is Anglo-saxon. To see those fittings and broaches with enanal still on them is pretty amazing.

And then it hits you.... look at the state of the site now. It looks as though a jcb has gone wild. The context of that find has been destroyed,  if it was a burial site its been decimated now.

I wonder if at any point one of the detectorists there thought maybe we should ring the flo to get some advice before we cause any more damage?  Im guessing not.

At the end of the day they are well within the law and their rights to do what they did. But surely comman sense dictates that they should have seeked professional guidance wheb they realised what they were onto.

Side note- This is not ethical detecting.


  1. Hi Andy

    I believe the situation was that efforts were made to contact the FLO at the time but was unavailable, when contact did occur the group was told it would be a few days before anything could be done, the concern was the amount of people who knew about the find at the time and also its location next to a busy road.

    Now I don't know if the "all" the finds had been removed prior to contact or not but if prior then I do agree with you.

    They now believe the finds are a hoard and not a burial now.

    The story is on the mdf forum here ...........


  2. Andy

    Just to add the chairman of the club gives an explanation of the events concerning trying to contact people on the "Saxon Hoard Found" thread on the mdf forum, think it is on page 4.


  3. Thanks KPVW, its a difficult case to judge without being there I suppose. What would I do if I was in the situation were an expert was not available and there was a chance the site could be looted? Im not sure. I know one thing for sure though the media coverage not showing all the information has painted a sorry picture



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