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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Metal detecting rallies, are you in or are you out?

The link below is a fictional scenario posed by farmer Brown aka Nigel Swift on his heritage action blog. My question to the readers of this blog is would you attend a rally if it was set up like that?

heritage action on rallies

I personally do not attend metal detecting rallies for a variety of reasons
 One of the main reasons being that I dont like the idea of hundreds of detctorists all on a rampant mission to make a find. There is too much rush, to much sloppy detecting.

Holes dont get back filled correctly,  finds are literally ripped out the ground so the next fimd can be made sooner.  Its also a lot more difficult for to keep track of whats been found and by who and where abouts. I honestly do not think this money making sceme by some organisations is right or fair.

I believe changes need to be made to the current way rallies are held and to be honest I think some of the large ones need to be stopped altogether.  I know this post is likely to get the backs up of some detctorists but let me know your views anyway.

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  1. I have never waived my right to a reward for a treasure case mainly because I have never been lucky enough to have found anything that is classed as treasure. However, I have handed over my finds from a number of digs to landowners and a local museum, so I suppose this counts as a "Yes".


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