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Friday, 14 February 2014

Is collecting wrong ?

Both Paul Barford and Nigel Swift appear to be very negative to the thought of artefact collecting. I personally have never really found a great deal, maybe due to the vast majority of my detecting being conducted on the beaches and foreshores of the east coast.

I do however have two hammered coins that I found during my first few months detecting,  a james 1st shilling and an Edward v1 shilling. I also have a few copper coins ranging from George 11 and a couple of livery buttons and military buttons. The majority of my finds have been recent loss coinage and recent loss jewellery.

I just wondered really what everyone's opinion is on the subject of collecting coins and artefact you find ?


  1. Paul Barford and Nigel Swift are just negative individuals. Bosom buddies and made for each other.

  2. Hi Dick Stout thanks for commenting however I dont want to turn this into another tag team slagging match so lets keep on track. Do you have any thoughts on having collections of the coins and artefacts detectorists find ?

  3. Andy not sure what exactly you are asking? I collect coins, and I have friends who collect artifacts. Are we supposed to feel guilty about it? It's a hobby, a pastime and I have every right in the world to be able to enjoy it. Just because someone else doesn't like it that's too bad. It's his or her problem, not mine.

    Let me also add it's extremely difficult to post here for some reason....should not be that difficult.

    1. Hi Dick. How do you mean its difficult? Someone mentioned before that it was asking for passwords and another saying that when they pressed publish the message box just went blank. Is that the same problem you are having ?

  4. A coin found from centuries past is the link to our ancestors. Seeing the clipped silver edges says much as to who we were. Just holding a saved coin (to me) is better than visiting the finest museum to see a bunch of coins under glass.

    The coins found by detectorists will never be retrieved without long hours, research and preparation. I can think of nothing that compares to finding a lost coin in the middle of a plowed field.


  5. Myself, I suppose you could say i collect everything I find metal detecting. To me collecting coins and artifacts are all part and parcel of this great hobby. The thrill of holding something that was lost years ago, maybe hundreds of years ago can't be beaten. Great if I find an old coin, but also great just to add another button, buckle, musket ball or even another pigeon ring to my growing collection of finds. Half the stuff I find some would say was trash. You only have to look at my blog to see what I'm finding, just run of the mill stuff really with an odd gem here and there.
    But to me they are all treasures, my own little private museum.

  6. Andy you can contact me via my blog...upper right.

  7. Other metal detectorists are not just collecting what they found but they really have them sold to earn money. For me collecting what you have found is not bad at all. However, returning what you have found to the owner, say for example, a jewelry is remarkable.


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