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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Hoping too get out detecting this weekend.

Hopefully I might get out detecting this weekend if the weather stays good.

Im still not sure where to go, I have no land permissions so it will either be the Humber foreshore or along the East coast somewhere.

my home built pulse induction detector is 90% complete so it would be nice to test that on the beach at possibly Filey or Scarborough.  During air tests with my home made 13 inch coil it was detecting a thin gold ring at 10 inches which im sure will increase with the help of some wet sand.

Is anyone else out detecting this weekend?


  1. Hi Andy

    Keep trying for land permission, don't give up on that, ask friends, family, workmates if they know any landowners who would be willing to give you permission, not sure what else you could try, maybe contact your local ameteur archeological group or museum and offer your services for field surveys, all they can say is yes or no or they may keep you in mind untill they need someone with a metal detector..

    Probably will be out this weekend although finds have been quite scarce recently, did find a nice little neolithic flint saw knife blade which popped up out of a hole I dug a few days ago so that was a bonus.

    Okay a numpty question, never used a PI detector, how do PI detectors cope with coke?


  2. Hi KPVW hope your well. I will keep up the permission trail even though it does get quite frustrating.

    I haven't had a pi detector that has a problem with coke although they do for whatever reason like red house bricks, I guess they must have a small amount of iron in them?

    Personally I would not take a pi detector on land as there is no discrimination and it can pick up the smallest little flecks of metal. On the wet sand they really are untouchable by any vlf detector


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