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Friday, 7 February 2014

FLO's whats you opinion of them ?

Just a quick post hoping for some of your experiences of dealing with your local finds liaison officer. Have you found it easy to report your finds to them and receive positive identification,  have you had any problems ?

I personally haven't had much luck. A while ago I found a bronze ring this ring had a lovely pattern around it it was a very crude ring with a crude solder joint. It looked old to me very old. Plus the fact I found iton exposed clay on a beach that had reportings of roman fibula broaches, roman grot coins and also a celtic stater.

I took several high definition photos and wrote a detailed description of the ring and where it was found and also what other items has been found around that area. I found my local flo email address and sent it to them.

The response was rubbish,  basically because I didnt receive a response after one month. So I thought maybe the email wasnt received so I resent it, along with sending it to another two flo just for good measure. Still after another month I had not heard a thing and still to this day haven't.  I have tried ringing them and they are never im the office

Are they that over worked or do the have the best holiday package ever ?

Please let me know you're experiences bad abd good.


  1. Hi Andy, I've only had one experience with our local Flo Officer so far and it has been a pleasant one. I dug a silver spoon dated 1712 exactly one year ago this month in February 2013. Emailed a picture and details of the spoon to our local Flo and she got right back to me asking if I could bring it to her, which I did. While there at her office after we had recorded the spoon and other paperwork, she showed me other finds that had been brought in. It was an exciting experience and I could have stayed there all day looking at finds I only dream about. She has kept in touch with me through the various stages and the last letter I had was from the British Museum telling me that the spoon is now in their care while a decision is being made to see whether it is likely to qualify as treasure.
    The only hiccup I have found is the time factor involved, as I say, its been one year now and yet to be concluded.

  2. Hi janner53
    Thanks for taking the time to respond. Im really glad you have had a good experience with your FLO. If im honest I have not had a find that could be deemed as treasure in fact I have not found anything near it. I hope you get a good outcome it would be lovely to see a find you made on display in a museum. As for the time scale I have heard it taking up too two years in some cases which does make you wonder what must be going on behind the scenes, maybe its just the shear number of finds reported?

  3. My flo is ok ish but not good at getting back to you at all. Certainly doesn't encourage one to voluntary record items on the pas that aren't treasure. I only do through persistence.

    1. Yes I have heard a lot of people talk about the same kind of experience. It appears to me that in the case of some FLO if it doesn't glitter with gold or silver it isnt worth the paperwork. I aalso believe it to be a bit of a postcode lottery, some local flo are great others not so.


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