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Monday, 24 February 2014

c scope cs3mxi review

A picture of a c scope cs3mxi metal detector

C scope cs3mxi metal detector review by Andy B

The C scope cs3mxi is another entry level metal detector, this time though it is a home-grown UK metal detector. C scope are renowned for their excellent and second to none customer care, in fact when I had this metal detector the coil developed a fault after around 4 months, possibly due to me being to rough around rape seed stalks. A quick call to C scope had me a brand new coil delivered only two days later, no questions asked and I didn't even have to return the faulty coil.

The C scope cs3mxi can be purchased brand new for around £260 from many of the main metal detector stockists. At this price though it is already around £70 more than its rival entry level detectors such as the Garrett and Teknetics models which means it needs to make up for things in its performance.

Out of the box the C scope cs3mxi metal detector is very simple to put together by following the easy to understand instruction manual. It is quite light and feels well put together.

This metal detector is so easy to operate and perfect for the beginner metal detectorist. The detector is operated by two dials and one pinpoint button so it is very much a switch on and go machine.

The left hand side dial operates the on/off function and also sets the sensitivity that is run, it is best to run the sensitivity in the designated green area as any more than this and it can cause the detector to start acting erratic  with false signals.

The dial on the right controls the discrimination settings, I found it was best to keep the discrimination just before number four as this means it ignores most iron but does not miss any of the goodies.

The last control is the pinpoint button. By pressing this button the machine switches to a non motion detector and the closer the sweet spot on the coil is to the find the louder and higher pitched the sound gets. The pinpoint feature is also very accurate and I could guarantee would be dead centre of the coil inside the centre polo hole.

The C scope cs3mxi is a great metal detector, it may not be massively deep but it makes up for this with its great discrimination and lightening fast recovery speeds.   It is also very easy to use and makes an excellent first metal detector or even a great back up metal detector for the more experienced user. When I had mine I had no problem finding hammered silver coins and gold rings.

C scope cs3mxi metal detector review submitted by Darren S.

The C scope cs3mxi metal detector is the first metal detector I have owned. I bought it based on its simple and easy to use set up as I didn't want to get swamped in settings and adjustments such as the ones found on many metal detectors available.

So far I have found it to be a great little machine which has had no problem finding me all sorts of coins and artefacts. I have noticed though that most of my coin finds are in the top six inches of the soil, I am not sure if this is down to the depth of the machine or if I just have not come across a deeper one yet.

The only other minus side to the C scope cs3mxi that I have come across is that it seems to love iron. Even with the discrimination set as high as possible without it ignoring the good stuff I still manage to dig a good load of iron. I am not to bothered though as it means I wont miss anything good which can happen if you ignore some of the scratchy iron signals.

Overall I am very impressed so far with this metal detector and i would really recommend it to anyone who is just getting in to the hobby, maybe not the experienced detectorist though as it really is basic in its set up.

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