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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

C scope cs4pi metal detector review.

A picture of a c scope cs4pi metal detector
This is now an old and outdated review. If you would like to read the new and up to date review on my new website please check out this link Cscope CS4pi metal detector review

C scope cs4pi metal detector review submitted by Andy B

 The C scope cs4pi is a pulse induction metal detector that is at the lower end of the budget at around £260 brand new. It is available from most of the major UK metal detector stockists.

C scope are a UK manufacturer with a customer service that is second to none. If you have a problem with your detector a quick phone call will find your problem resolved in no time.

The C scope cs4pi is a detector that is so easy to set up. Out of the box it is very easy to put together and shares the same control box and stem as the cs3mxi.  Using this metal detector is also very simple as the are only two dials to set.

 First off it needs turning on which you do by rotating the left sensitivity knob clockwise. Keep turning it until the detector is stable and not chattering which should be in the green area. Next up rotate the right hand side pulse frequency knob also into the green area, I personally find that if you adjust it from just after the mediun tone until it just gets into the high pitch tone as this seems to be more sensitive to gold rings. Well that's it your now set up and ready to go.

I found after a good few hours use you could start to tell when a target is iron as the tone is very deep and scratchy. Also coins seem to make a noise that is a lot smoother and quieter and as strange as it sounds an almost like fizzing noise. I have had viccy penny's at a depth of around 15 inches on wet sand with this detector which is more than enough as the holes tend to fall in on themselves. The only drawbacks of this detector is its not got any discrimination like all other pi detectors. Also it is not waterproof which for a machine that has a main use on the beach is quite a downside. To sum it up if you mind digging every signal from very deep then the 4pi is a cheap way to get into beach detecting. It is not affected by mineralisation or other factors like wet black sand. Although they have a tendency to like red house bricks.

I highly recommend the C scope cs4pi metal detector if you are serious about metal detecting on the beach, unfortunately you will really struggle to use it on land due to the fact there is no discrimination at all.

C scope cs4pi metal detector review, submitted by Paul T, Blackpool.

I bought my C scope cs4pi metal detector to use as my primary beach metal detector as my Minelab x-terra 305 was terrible at hunting on the wet sand, which when you live at Blackpool is not a good thing.

My first few trips out with this metal detector were an absolute nightmare, all I seemed to did was iron and by the ton! However after a good few hours of use under my belt I started to be able to tell the difference between an iron signal and a signal that I would want to dig.

Coins seem to make a sharp buzzing sound that can be quite faint and quiet so its very important to use with a decent set of headphones so you don't miss any of the good signals. Iron makes a really loud sound and it unmistakable once you learn it.

I hardly ever dig iron now and dig coins by the bucket load. So far I have only managed to dig one piece of gold, a nice 18ct wedding band, but you to walk over it to find it I guess. I know that I wont be changing the C scope cs4pi metal detector any time soon as its a great beach machine that does everything I need it too.


  1. Hi Andy saw you at brid a couple of weeks ago had a chat to you got myself cscope cs4pi but went to hornsea for a couple of hours test but found could not set it properly was erratic and not stable and the depth was not very good no matter how I adjusted the threshold and frequency control so will send It back to cscope

    1. Hi mate yeh I remember :)
      You won't regret the 4pi once you get it working it's a great machine. I will say that I have never had any luck at all though on Hornsea beach as there are so many aluminium blobs on there that have washed from the old bombing ranges. I have not managed to get out with mine since I was at brid, need some good winds to take a bit of sand off. Happy hunting buddy :)

  2. Very nice review, certainly a metal detector I am interested in buying.


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