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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Learn how to magnet fish to find underwater treasure.

Metal detecting is such a popular hobby and one that I have been participating in for a number of years now. Along with this I have been magnet fishing which has given me a new angle to expand my treasure hunting journey! Magnet fishing allows us to search for underwater treasures without having to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment such as underwater detectors and diving gear The theory is simple, you attach a super powerful neodymium magnet to a long length of rope and throw it into the water. You then retrieve the magnet by pulling the rope back onto dry land and hopefully it will have some treasure stuck to the magnet. That is the basic idea of magnet fishing but the hobby can be quite complex. Because of this I have written an amazing guide to Magnet fishing which you can check out below. There you will learn everything you could possibly need to know to get started in the amazing hobby of magnet fishing. Magnet fishing

Saturday, 5 January 2019

The magnet fishing website has now gone global.

Some of you may have read my last blog posts where I told you about my new magnet fishing website. Well I have slowly been building it up and now it is stuffed with guides, tips and reviews. I have also added a metal detector review section to it. The website has been growing very well and getting quite a few visitors.
I noticed around a week ago though that many of the new visitors were coming from the US ! This was great. I decided that i wanted to make the website global and as such have rebranded it. We have now changed from Magnet Fishing UK to Magnet Fishing Pro and have a writer that is stateside for some of the articles. Now you will get UK and US reviews and tips on here.
I really hope that you take the time to come and see the new Magnet Fishing Pro website and if you get chance leave a comment over their and let us now what you think!

Best regards

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Do you want to learn how to start magnet fishing?

The complete magnet fishing guide for beginners.

I have been putting in a hell of a lot of work on the new magnet fishing website. There are several guides and posts on there that will hopefully help a lot of people get into this weird and wacky hobby. 

One of the guides I am especially proud of is the comple beginners magnet fishing guide. I have literally gone through the entire hobby and written in detail the things you need to know to get started. Hopefully it will help people out and I would love to hear some of you lots feedback on the guide. If you would like to take a look and leave some feedback then you can follow the below link to the guide!

As far as future plans go with the website I intend to keep adding more and more magnet fishing content. Also I would like to maybe expand to some metal detecting and treasure hunting content as well in the near future.

I look forward to seeing some of you over there. 
Bye for now! 

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

New magnet fishing website!

I have loved metal detecting and magnet fishing for quite some time now and have always wanted to make a website showing tips on magnet fishing from all that I have learnt over the years.
I have finally got round to making the magnet fishing website now and it is looking great although it is slightly dry of content being new!
The new magnet fishing UK website
I will slowly be filling it up with guides and reviews of magnet fishing gear plus stories and finds. There will also be some other useful information for anyone looking at getting into the hobby.

If anyone has any cool magnet fishing videos or even finds and stories they want to share and be published on the website then get in contact with me.

I look forward to seeing some of you lot over there!

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

The best Tens Machine for a bad back after metal detecting

Do you ever suffer from sore shoulders and back after a hard days metal detecting and digging? I do and it can be very uncomfortable to be honest!
Recently I have been enjoying Tens and EMS machines that send stimulating electrical pulses into your nerve endings and muscles. This has been working wonders for all the aches and pains that I feel, from metal detecting to work related and even those long drives.
If you would like to see the benefits of using a Tens and Ems Machine then check out this Tens Machine review and have a think about purchasing one, you will not regret it.


Thursday, 9 November 2017

What I have been up too and my matched betting project

So it has been a hell of a long time since I have posted a blog post here, time just seems to fly! I will be totally honest, I have joy done that much metal detecting this year although I have been out a few times with Darren on some of his

Monday, 26 December 2016

Metal detecting with the Minelab Safari on the wet sand beach today.

So today is boxing day and my Mrs had planned to hit the sales at the clothes shops which left me with a good opportunity to get out metal detecting. I really could not be bothered to go to any of my land based permissions today as lately  they have not been producing anything worthy of the time spent in the field.
So I decided that I would go down to the local beach with my Minelab Safari for the first time since buying it 6 months ago. Half the reason that I bought this metal detector was because I had heard such positive reviews about its ability to do the wet sand as well as it does the land and Bridlington beach would be the ultimate test and proving

Sunday, 25 December 2016

My Minelab Safari metal detector review and best settings for ultimate depth of detection!

The mighty Minelab Safari metal detector 

I have now been using the Minelab Safari for over 6 months and what an amazing 6 months of metal detecting it has been! Since switching to the safari from my old machine I have now found hammered  silver coins, rings and even a hoard of George iii shillings and sixpences whilst out metal detecting. To say that I am impressed with the Minelab Safari's abilities would be a complete understatement.

My Minelab Safari metal detector ready to metal detect.
My Minelab Safari metal detector ready for action.

Personally I have always said and believed that as long as you learn your metal detector and what it is telling you and just as importantly walk

Friday, 23 December 2016

Which is the best metal detector to buy?!

Andy, which is the best metal detector to buy?

This is a question I get asked about over and over again on the comment sections of my YouTube videos. Who can blame potential newcomers to the hobby for being cautious about buying a new metal detector as there are so many different brands with loads of different models which all cater for different needs. 
Unfortunately I cannot answer this question in the comment section of my videos as there is literally not enough writing space to be able to give them any decent advice. So instead I decided to make a quick video on my YouTube channel to voice my opinion on which is the best metal detector for a beginner to buy. I hope this helps others who stumble across it. If the video helps in any way, shape or form please give it a thumbs up and share among your buddies. Happy metal detecting alll.